Overdramatic Raptor can’t handle the D.C. Metro System. 


Overdramatic Raptor can’t handle the D.C. Metro System. 


Deadpool is a word wyzard


Deadpool is a word wyzard



the fact that people are like “Coca Cola supports racial equality, I’m not going to be drinking Coca Cola anymore” and “Google supports gay rights I’m not going to use them anymore” like what next “the Earth provides Oxygen to ethnic minorities I’m going to stop breathing in protest”



Hi, my name is Leanna and I don’t have a picture or anything to show you the state my dad is in right now, but I can tell you it’s not good. I moved in with him, not knowing how bad his health or financial situation was, and ended up with a shitload of debt and now the potential to be homeless.

My dad was a truck driver, but a heart attack back in October left him out of commission until January. His high blood pressure and the shock of the heart attack screwed up his kidneys pretty bad, but not enough to put him on disability. We didn’t have any income, and I’d been trying desperately to find a job so I can help out, and any money I did make (from art commissions/etc) went straight to paying what I can of the outstanding debts we have.


[TW: #rape, #abuse, #assault, #attempted murder ]

My friends have received a message on facebook from a woman in their town who is in dire need of help.

I am going to call her Jane.

Jane is a victim of domestic violence and she has a very short window to escape with her two daughters. Her…



Today, the second of january, I found these small green arrows all over tumblr and other websites.

It doesn’t just affect links, it affects normal words in texts as well, and if you click on them, it redirects it to an advertisement. Seems harmless.

The first and second picture is examples of the links, arrows and the advertisements, the third picture is of a program I found installed on my computer.

It probably happened when I browsed around streams yesterday trying to watch Sherlock Series 3 (which was lovely, by the way.) and a lot of advertisement windows opened. I closed them immediately.

When I launched my browser today I got a similar advertisement, but again, I closed it immediately without looking at it.

I run avast antivirus on my computer. It’s always up to date and up until now, I’ve never had a virus. It always stops me on the actual site, if it contains a trojan or anything. I can’t do anything unsafe.

This means, the virus is brand new.

If avast doesn’t pick it up, and avast is upgraded multiple times a day, it’s kind of serious.

That’s why I’m telling you,


If you have seen this before or it’s happened to you, please signal boost the crap out of it.

Signal boost it anyway.

Run a full scan on your computer, search for malware och spyware as well.




Put all the shirts together so people would see them!

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Due to my mother having to be take to the ER/ICU tonight, we discovered she will need surgery for her hernia but also that she could possibly have either kidney stones or kidney failure.

The surgery is rather costly and papa and I are doing everything we can to scrounge and sell off family possessions to help pay however it’s breaking my heart that he’s selling the  last memories he has of his parents.

So, my shirts are still for sale on top of buttons found here:

I’m selling them 3$ for one, two for 5$ or we offer groups of buttons which include:

Group 1: Sages of Time: 13$

Group 2: Amazoness Quartet: 9$

Group 3: Inner Senshi: 12$

Group 4: Outer Senshi: 12$

If you want buttons or find it in your heart to donate, please feel free to email me soundninjakin[at]gmail[dot]com which is also my paypal address.

Thank you so much, everyone. I’m sorry I’m being a burden asking for aid but I just really wat my mommy to be okay… If you could signal boost too, that’d be great. Please be safe and happy everyone!



this is avatar wan

he was #1



Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, in case you hadn’t heard. How dare she remove those ticking time bombs from her chest, amiright? Like, hasn’t she learned by now that her body is public domain and we all get to vote on what she does with it? Sheesh, how selfish can ya get.